Nissim Garti, Abraham Aserin, Dima Libster, Tehil Mishraki, Idit Amar-Yuli, and Liron. Bitan-Chervkovsky. 2010. “Reverse hexagonal mesophase liquid crystals and uses thereof.” United States of America (WO2010150262A2). Abstract
Reverse hexagonal mesophase (HII) liq. crystals are provided and relating therapeutic and non-therapeutic applications are demonstrated. [on SciFinder(R)]
The patent describes novel and modified lyotropic liquid crystals with hexagonal symmetry for enhanced solubilization of bioactives
Roy Hoffman, Nissim Garti, Abraham Aserin, and Chava. Pemberton. 2010. “Liquid compositions and uses thereof for generating diffusion ordered NMR spectra of mixtures.” United States of America (WO 2010023673). Abstract
There is claimed a liq. medium capable of giving a resolved diffusion ordered NMR spectra of mixts. of compds. that is both stable and less susceptible to magnetic susceptibility effects. The present invention relates to homogeneous liq. systems substantially 1H- NMR inactive and/or devoid of protons and are capable of enhancing the diffusion sepn. of a mixt., wherein said system is substantially devoid of at least one NMR active nucleus present in said mixt. The invention further discloses methods of using said homogeneous liq. systems for enhancing the diffusion sepn. of a mixt. and/or generating a diffusion ordered spectrum of a mixt. and/or minimizing the peak width in a liq. state diffusion ordered spectrum of a mixt. [on SciFinder(R)]
Nissim Garti, Abraham Aserin, and Roy. Hoffman. 2008. “System and methods for diffusion ordered spectroscopy.”. Abstract
The invention relates to a method for generating liq.-state diffusion order NMR spectroscopy (DOSY), method for minimizing the peak width in liq.-state DOSY, method of enhancing the sepn. between diffusion coeff. of compds. in liq.-state DOSY, a method for prepg. a system for generating liq.-state diffusion ordered DOSY of a sample, a method for prepg. a system for generating a liq.-state DOSY of a sample and kits for carrying liq.-state DOSY. [on SciFinder(R)]
The invention relates to a nucleating microemulsion comprising nanovehicles, each comprising an amphiphilic shell surrounding a nucleating agent. The microemulsion is suitable for delivery of the nucleating agents into a thermoplastic polymer, thereby allowing crystn. of the polymer. A method for crystg. and increasing the nucleation efficiency of a thermoplastic polymer comprises dispersing the above nucleating microemulsion in a thermoplastic polymer melt. The polymer compns. contg. the nucleating microemulsions can be used for prodn. of plastic films, fibers, boards, sheets, articles, packaging materials, containers, pipes, medical goods, sporting goods, labware, dinnerware, and cookware. [on SciFinder(R)]
Novel interfacial crystallization technique to obtain drugs polymorphes controlled by the microemulsions interfaces.
Nissim Garti, Abraham Aserin, and Anna. Kogan. 2006. “Microemulsion comprising carbamazepine having solubility.”. Abstract
The present invention relates to pharmaceutical compns. in the form of microemulsions comprising carbamazepine and their enhanced permeability and extended release properties. The microemulsion compn. may be an oil-based formulation or an oil/aq. phase mixed formulation. Thus, a microemulsion conc. contg. 5% of solubilized carbamazepine was prepd. by mixing 28.8% of a D-limonene/ethanol (1:1) with 67.3% of Tween 60 to form a 7:3 conc. In the next step 3.85% of carbamazepine were solubilized in the conc. to give the slightly yellow colored, clear and stable compn. This conc. may be totally dild. by an aq. phase with no phase sepn. The conc. may be taken orally where its diln. in the stomach should not form any disintegration of the conc. Each 20.8 g of the compn. contain 800 mg carbamazepine. In the compn. the carbamazepine bioavailability is much higher, hence the consumed dose required for effective action will be much lower and should be detd. Except for the microemulsion conc. form, the drug could be consumed at a dild., ready microemulsion. [on SciFinder(R)]
Patent devoted to the solubilization ob carbamazepine into interfaces of microdroplets
The present invention concerns ternary system comprising 40 to 65% water; 6 to 22% alc. or a ketone; and 25 to 60% a fatty acid or an ester thereof forming spontaneously a stable, non-viscous and clear nanosized structures having cubic-like nanosized symmetry. The ternary system may be dispersed and used as a solubilizing medium for hydrophobic and hydrophilic substances. [on SciFinder(R)]
Morris Zelkha, Mordechai Ben-Yehuda, Dov Hartal, Yigal Raveh, and Nissim. Garti. 2005. “Industrial processing of tomatoes and lycopene extraction.” Greece 3051663 (Greek Patent ). Abstract
Disclosed is a process for the manuf. of tomato products, comprises the steps of: (a) pretreating the tomatoes by conventional operations, including crushing; (b) subjecting them to heat treatment; (c) sepg. the crushed tomatoes into serum and pulp contg. at least 500 ppm of lycopene; (d) subjecting the pulp to solvent extn., in order to ext. therefrom an oleoresin contg. lycopene; (e) sepg. the spent pulp; and (f) sepg. the lycopene ext. from the solvents, whereby to obtain oleoresin contg. the lycopene and to recover the solvents. [on SciFinder(R)]
Novel method for the solubilization of extracted lycopene
Eli Pinthus, Nissim Garti, Mordechai Kerzner, Yoram Sela, and Chanoch. Kotev. 2004. “Apparatus for bench scale tablet-making.”. Abstract
A tablet-making apparatus comprising die supports and guide supports fixed upon a base, plunger guides supported by the guide supports, a die having an opening through which powder may be charged, two plunger rods with opposing faces, the rods being horizontally disposed and reciprocally received within the die, and a means for activating the reciprocal movement of the plungers whereby, a tablet may be formed within the die and between the opposing plunger rod faces and then moved to a position to be gravitationally discharged. [on SciFinder(R)]
Ortal Alpert, Nissim Garti, Elena Panitkova, Andrew Shipway, and Thierry. Wasserman. 2003. “Polymer-bound donor-acceptor-donor compounds and their use in a 3-dimensional optical memory.”. Abstract
The present invention is directed to a 3-dimensional optical memory comprising as an active medium a compd. capable of interconverting from one isomeric form to another by interaction of light. The compds. comprise stilbene derivs. bound to, e.g., PMMA. The compd. is bound to a polymer for achieving a uniform memory unit. [on SciFinder(R)]
Patent application expired
Nissim Garti, Abraham Aserin, Aviram Spernath, and Idit. Amar. 2003. “Nano-sized self-assembled structured liquids as carriers.” United States of America PCT/IL03/00498 (US20030232095A1). Abstract
The present invention relates to nano-sized self-assembled structured concs. and their use as effective suitable carriers for transferring active components into the human body. The nano-sized self-assembled concs. are composed of an aq. phase, an oil phase, a surfactant a co-solvent and co-surfactant. The formed nano-sized self-assembled structured concs. may be in the form of an aq. continuous phase, an oil continuous phase or a bicontinuous phase, and may thus be dild. to any desired extent in either oil or water maintaining their structure and the active material comprised within the nano-sized self-assembled structured concs. A micellar conc. contained lycopene, R-(+)-limonene, ethanol, and Tween 80. [on SciFinder(R)]
The patent describes novel self assembled nanostructures fully dilutable in water and with high solubilization capacity of bioactives .