Areas Competencies

•    Synthesis of Surfactants by Interfacial  Regio Selectivity and Reactivity .

•    Physical Chemistry, Surface and Colloid Science, Emulsion Technology,

*  Crystallization Phenomena, Extraction Processes with Nanodomains as Extraction Medium and Solvent. .

•    Nutraceuticals - Extraction, Characterization, Solubilization and Bioavailability of Molecules from Natural Sources with Health Benefits.

*  Cosmetoceuticals - Solubilisation into 'Nano Domains' for  Dermal Applications , 'On-Demend,  Slow and Controlled Release for Improved Performance. 

* 'On-Demand' and Enhanced and Trageted Delivery of Pharmaceuticals and Bioactives (Insoluble and , biopolymers and Other Polymeric API's) 

*    Drug Delivery vehicles- Nanosized Self-assembled Liquid (NSSL) vehicles.

*    Modified Lyotropic Liquid Crystals (LLC) - Formation, Structure Studies, Solubilization and Transformations of Cubosomes, Hexosomes.

*   Novel Liquid Micellar Discontinuous Mesophases- the 'QL Phase'.

*    Bioavailability  enhancers and other Novel Methods for Transport Across Membranes of Nutraceuticals and Drugs.

*    Competitive Adsorption (cholesterol and phytosterols)

*  Hydrocolloids Interfacial Reactivities, Gelling Properties and More 

 * Food Sience and Food Additives

* Physical Properties and Polymorphism of Lipids, Fatty Acids, Fats and Oils,

* PhysicalProperties and Crystallization phenomena in Chocolate, Ice-Cream, Baked Goods, Salad Dressings and more