Post Docs

Dr. Rivka Efrat

Extarction of falvoring agents from frying oils using microemulsions

Dr. Anndy Shipway

London, UK, 2001-2003
Synthetic pathways to molecules for storage of terabyte range data

Dr, Junko Yano

Hiroshima University, Japan, 1999-2000
Crystallization of organic compounds in microemulsions.

Dr Yana Berkovich

Paladium nanoparticles prepared in L2 microemulsions (immigrant from Russia).

Dr. Nir Kozlovich

Perculation phenomena in nonionic and anionic microemulsions (immigrant from Russia).

Dr. Chaim Werner

Ripublic of South Africa, RSA, 1988
Integrated emulsifier-stabilizer blend in ice-cream and sorbets
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