Microemulsions containing crystal nucleating agents and methods for nucleating polymers.


Nissim Garti, Abraham Aserin, and Dima. Libster. 2007. “Microemulsions containing crystal nucleating agents and methods for nucleating polymers.”.


The invention relates to a nucleating microemulsion comprising nanovehicles, each comprising an amphiphilic shell surrounding a nucleating agent. The microemulsion is suitable for delivery of the nucleating agents into a thermoplastic polymer, thereby allowing crystn. of the polymer. A method for crystg. and increasing the nucleation efficiency of a thermoplastic polymer comprises dispersing the above nucleating microemulsion in a thermoplastic polymer melt. The polymer compns. contg. the nucleating microemulsions can be used for prodn. of plastic films, fibers, boards, sheets, articles, packaging materials, containers, pipes, medical goods, sporting goods, labware, dinnerware, and cookware. [on SciFinder(R)]
Novel interfacial crystallization technique to obtain drugs polymorphes controlled by the microemulsions interfaces.
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