Startups, Projects and/or Commercial Products

2013-  Lyotropic Delivery Systems (LDS)- Novel Lyotropic Liquid Crystals (LLC)  and Novel  Nanodomains Technologies  for Enhanced Solubilization and Bioavalability and Controlled Drug Delivery.

2016 - New set of products under the name of Hygia produced by Ananda Scientific (Colorado, USA) - Softgels , instant powders, and liquid formulation of CBD for fast adsorption and enhanced bioavalability .

2016 Integra- Meoprol- Novel Intravenous Delivery (IV) Vehicles for Propofol for Anastesia –Thechnology  based on the Development of Modified Microdroplets by  Prof. N. Garti, The IP was transfered by Yissum,( the Commercial Arm of the Hebrew University), to Integra .  The product "Neoprol" is  presently (2020)  in stage 1 of clinical trails.  

2016- OphRex-  Integra/Biolite  Partnership- Collaboration  for "Ophthalmic Delivery Vehicles" - Thechnology developed by Prof Garti of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem-  Novel Ophthalmic  Nanodomains Delivery Vehicles for Cyclosporine and other drugs for "Enhanced Delivery and Performance" 

2012  –  Axom 3  - Novel   Softgels "Rich  in DHA (Omega-3 Fatty Acids) for Enhanced Delivery"/ Product based  on Enzymatic Interfacial Trans Esterfication. Technology developed by N.Garti and Spanish partners. The new product is the only supplement in Israel and in other countries  that contains real, pure and concentrated DHA. 

2003 - NutraLease, Founder of a new start-up - NutraLease - 'New Vehicles for Improved Bioavailability of Nutraceuticals' (with Yissum and ATI). The technology IP was transfered to Adumim Chemicals and in 2009 to Frutarom Ltd . The "concentrate was added to various food products and sold also as Softgels. 

 2001- Nano Nutralease  ltd ,Israel - Novel nano emulsions and microemulsions for water-insoluble nutraceuticals. Thechnology IP was transfered to Adumim Food Ingredients, Ltd  ( public cmpany)  

 2003 - ADM USD - Novel vitamin E with high dermal advantages- Thechnology developed at ADM during sabbatical leave

Metagenics-2003  production of novel softgels of CoQ10 based on NSSL technology,  

2000-2001 - Ganaspati-India, Bought the technology for the production of Lysolecithin by enzymatic process in microemulsion as microreactor.


1998-2000-  FenuPure- and UtriCare- Adumim and Origin, "New Hydrocolloid for Lowering Glucose Levels for Diabetics".  New nutraceutical and food supplement extracted from fenugreek seeds. Sales started June 2000 by Adumim Chemicals and Origin Ltd 

1995- Green Clouds, Founder of a new start-up company "Green Clouds" Ltd., for the development and manufacture of Electric Foggers, based on ultrasound technology for rupture of droplets developed by Prof Y. Feldman and Prof N.Garti. Product did not reach the market place . 

1995- Lycored, Co-developer of new method  of extraction and formulation of lycopene from tomatoes. Several patents were filed by Lycored. Prof Garti is part of the team that developed the extraction process, formulations and analytical tools. Lycored is marketing sevearl products world wide. 

1994- 1997 - FDG-Odyssey, Establisher of a new company, FDG (Fenugreek Gum), together with Yissum and Odyssey Ltd., Boston, US, for R&D and production of Fenugreek gum to remove cholesterol from liquid foods (eggs). Products free of off flavor to reduce  cholesterol  and products to reduce blood sugar levels in humans are  sold by several companies around the globe.

1994-1995, Developer  for the Israeli Defence Forces ( IDF) together with S. Ezrahi and A. Aserin-  "New Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids based on Microemulsions", (evaluated with great success by IDFon Isaeli tanks).

1993  Decora ltd - NY , Developed new-epoxy-silicone, water-borne, non-stick, lubricious coatings and signed an agreement with Decora Manufacturing for the production of these coatings.

1993,- Paz- Oils ltd  Developer (with A. Aserin) of "new cleaning system based on detergents solubilized within microemulsions" to replace trichloroethane (Pazclean 12). Process developed for Paz Oil Co. 

1993- Pasta Barilla- Developer of a new method for "removal of cholesterol from butter and milk-cream by natural occurring absorbents".Product evaluated by Pasta Barilla but did not reach the market because of high cost 

1993- DIPOL -TDS- startup for the development and manufacture of TDS (Time Domain Dielectric Spectrometer) for structure characterization if dispersed particles and droplets, and moisture matters.

2003 -  Mempile- Novel Terabyte -3D storage disc  using nanodomains printing  Technology bought by Sony but  did not reach the market 

1991- Paz Oil ltd-  Developer of new "self-cleaning lubricating rifle oil" for the Israel Defense Forces.Produced  by Paz Oil Co. Ltd.

1991, Developer of new "water soluble cutting and lubricious oil" for the use by the Israel Defense Forces (manufactured by Paz Oil Co., Ltd..

1988-1990, Adolease, Adocol and Adocloud -  Developer of several new emulsion formulations: Water in oil emulsion - pan release - Adolease Oil in water - orange oil cloudy - Adocloud Wax-resin emulsion - Adocol (All manufactured by Adumim Chemicals).

1988,  Koffolk . Beer Sheva- Developer of "Adolak" -encapsulation of unsaturated fatty acids by calcium salts. A new product designed to bypass Rumenous of lactating cows and to increase milk production of cows after calving. 

1979- Adumin Food Ingredients, and Adumim Foods- Mishor Adumin , Israel – Novel production process using emulsion technology for  make bread improver SSL (sodium Stearoyl Lactylate) and special mixtures foe higher bread volume, longer shelf-life better and shorter machinability ans save in fat. 

1985 - Mexico - Guadalajara, Arancia-Polibasicos 


1986 - South Africa - Johannesburg, Epic Oil 

 1987- Peru - Lima, Alpamayo.
 1988 - U.S.A. – Atlanta,  USA , International Specialty Foods, Ltd. 
1988 - Brazil - Rio de Janeiro, Anpal ltd 
1988 - Argentina – Rio Tersero, Cordoba,  Alpha ltd 
1988 - Ecuador - Quayaquil, Oleica ,Ltd
1989 - USA. - North Carolina, ISP,  ltd 
1990 - Colombia - Cali, Maizena
1992 - Serbia - Zrenjanin, D'jamant ,Ltd
1993 - Chile- Santiago, Molypac, Ltd 
1995 - India, New Delhi, Bajaj – Anacord, Ltd