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Disclosed are compns. for dispersion of a fat-sol. vitamin to give a clear, stable soln. of the vitamin, the compns. comprising the vitamin, an alc., a surfactant, and water. Also disclosed are dried powder compns. comprising a fat-sol. vitamin which upon mixing with an aq. soln. form an isotropic transparent soln., said compns. comprising the vitamin, an oil, a surfactant, and a sugar alc. [on SciFinder(R)]
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The present invention discloses the use of a lycopene coated with a water non-sol. thin film comprising amphiphilic protein polymer for coloring with red color, foods, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics having fat and/or oil contents higher than 5 %. The invention further discloses a process for the prepn. of stable lycopene formulation comprising: (a) treating an isolated protein to form a protein in a mol. form; (b) dispersing lycopene in an aq. soln. comprising an isolated protein in a mol. form; (c) grinding said dispersion to form lycopene particle size of 1 to 10 $μ$m forming an homogenized mixt. comprising fine particles; and optionally (d) drying the homogenized mixt. [on SciFinder(R)]
Nissim Garti. 2002. “Nano-sized self-assembled structured liquids.” United States of America 10/173,508 (USA Application ). Abstract

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The present invention relates to lamotrigine, a useful agent for anti-epilepsia. New crystal forms of lamotrigine-contg. mols. of the solvent in stoichiometric ratios are disclosed. Processes for prepg. the new crystal forms of lamotrigine and dosage forms are also provided. For example, 2 g of lamotrigine anhyd. and about 80 mL of ethanol were charged in a three-necked bottomed round flask equipped with a mech. stirrer, a condenser and a thermometer. The suspension was stirred for about 24 h without heating at about 25° and the solid phase was sepd. by filtration, producing lamotrigine Form H, i.e., lamotrigine ethanol monosolvate. [on SciFinder(R)]
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A galactomannan isolated from fenugreek seed has ≥50 repeating units of mannose and galactose in a ratio of 0.5-1.0 and 1.8-1.0, a protein content of ≤20%, a saponin content of ≤5%, and a lipid content of ≤1%, and is useful as an active ingredient in nutraceutical and cosmetic products. [on SciFinder(R)]