Microemulsion comprising carbamazepine having solubility.


Nissim Garti, Abraham Aserin, and Anna. Kogan. 2006. “Microemulsion comprising carbamazepine having solubility.”.


The present invention relates to pharmaceutical compns. in the form of microemulsions comprising carbamazepine and their enhanced permeability and extended release properties. The microemulsion compn. may be an oil-based formulation or an oil/aq. phase mixed formulation. Thus, a microemulsion conc. contg. 5% of solubilized carbamazepine was prepd. by mixing 28.8% of a D-limonene/ethanol (1:1) with 67.3% of Tween 60 to form a 7:3 conc. In the next step 3.85% of carbamazepine were solubilized in the conc. to give the slightly yellow colored, clear and stable compn. This conc. may be totally dild. by an aq. phase with no phase sepn. The conc. may be taken orally where its diln. in the stomach should not form any disintegration of the conc. Each 20.8 g of the compn. contain 800 mg carbamazepine. In the compn. the carbamazepine bioavailability is much higher, hence the consumed dose required for effective action will be much lower and should be detd. Except for the microemulsion conc. form, the drug could be consumed at a dild., ready microemulsion. [on SciFinder(R)]
Patent devoted to the solubilization ob carbamazepine into interfaces of microdroplets
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