Industrial processing of tomatoes and lycopene extraction.


Morris Zelkha, Mordechai Ben-Yehuda, Dov Hartal, Yigal Raveh, and Nissim. Garti. 2005. “Industrial processing of tomatoes and lycopene extraction.” Greece 3051663 (Greek Patent ). GR


Disclosed is a process for the manuf. of tomato products, comprises the steps of: (a) pretreating the tomatoes by conventional operations, including crushing; (b) subjecting them to heat treatment; (c) sepg. the crushed tomatoes into serum and pulp contg. at least 500 ppm of lycopene; (d) subjecting the pulp to solvent extn., in order to ext. therefrom an oleoresin contg. lycopene; (e) sepg. the spent pulp; and (f) sepg. the lycopene ext. from the solvents, whereby to obtain oleoresin contg. the lycopene and to recover the solvents. [on SciFinder(R)]
Novel method for the solubilization of extracted lycopene
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