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The K. Mittal Award from the Surfactants in Solution Society (SIS), (Coimbra, Portugal).

The Supelco/Nicholas Pelick Research Award of the American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS), (Montreal, Canada).

Member of the Hall of Fame of the Hebrew University ("The Innovators Way"), (Jerusalem, Israel).

Recipient of the AOCS Corporate Achievement Award for the NutraLease achievements in Nano Systems  in Future Foods  (Kansas City, Kansas, USA).

Hebrew University Chair of  Chemistry from   the US  Ratner Family (Jerusalem) .

- French Government Award for Foreign Scientists on  Their Unique Achievements (Paris, France).

- The Israel Food Industry Society Award- Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Food in Israel. Awarded during the "Food in the New Era" conference (Airport City, Israel).

- The Chung Award of the American Oil Chemistry Society for the Lifetime Achievement in Lipid Research. The only Israeli Scientist to receive the award during the 100 years of the Chemists Society (Orlando, Florida, USA)

The Israeli President Award - One of the 60 Israel Anniversary, Most Innovative Future Technologies of Israel (Nutralease), "Facing Tomorrow" - The Israeli Presidential Conference, (Jerusalem, May 13-15).

 - The International Food Technology Society  (IFT)  Award,   (Chicago, USA),

- The 'Tnuva Institute Award' granted  to Prof. Garti for its Outstanding Research Activities on Lyotropic Liquid Crystals as Delivery vVehicles (Tel-Aviv, Israel) .

- The Most Innovative Israeli Nanotechnology Award Winner of the CMNC Society, "Food Goes Nano- Liquid Nano Vehicles for Nutraceuticals Solubilization and Delivery" (Chicago, USA ).

- 1st Prize Award on Best Oral Presentation of the 94th AOCS meeting, “Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Lecithins to Lysolecithins at Water-in-Oil Microemulsion Interfaces.  Structure -Reactivity Relationship”, (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA).

- Rockefeller Foundation Award, "Outstanding  Contribution to Humanity on Food Goes Nano", (Bellagio, Italy,  2004).

- 1st Prize on: “Best Presentation” of the 95th American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS) meeting, “New Dispersed Mesophases of Ill-Defined Cubic Structured Microemulsions”, (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA).

- The Japanese Award for the Promotion of Senior Foreign Scientists, Hiroshima University, (Hiroshima, Japan, 2003).

- The 1st Prize Kaye Award of the Hebrew University on Inventions and Innovations, “Development of Self-Assembled Nano sized Liquids (NSSL) for Solubilization of Nutraceuticals”, (Jerusalem, May, 2003).

First  Prize Award, Best Presentation of the 90th AOCS Annual Conference",  (Dallas, USA).

3rd place Prize, Most Innovative Food Ingredient Award in Europe (FIE), (Frankfurt, Germany, 1998).

Kaye Award, The Best Invention and Innovation of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem on  New Method to Produce Food Emulsifiers, (Jerusalem,  1998).

- Second Place Prize, Most Innovative Food Ingredient Award in Europe (FIE), (London, November, 1997).

- The Japan Oil Chemical Society Forum Award for Outstanding Achievement, "Polymorphism in Fats", (Nara, Japan, 1997).

-The All Latin American Scientific Award, "Outstanding Achievements in Baking Technology and Baking Improvers", (Santiago, Chile, 1995).

-The Kaye Award, Best Innovation and Invention of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, "Synthesis of SSL, a Novel  Food Emulsifier, Using Emulsion Technology and Establishment of Adumim Chemicals", (Jerusalem, 1995).