Visiting Professor in Garti's Labs


10. Prof. Maria Francesca Ottaviani, University of Urbino  study nanodomains bt EPR. ( 2017) 

9. Dr.  Ido Nir, IBI, Israel (2010): Sasbbatical leave. Dendrimers in microemulsions

8. Prof. Adam Baszkin- University of Paris, (1999-200 and 2005-2006)

7. Prof. A. Shani, Ben-Gurion University, Israel, (1994-1995): Jojoba oils.

6. Prof. Y. Feldman, Kazan, USSR, (1991-1998): Time domain dielectric spectroscopy.
 (*) Presently an independent scientist and full professor at the department of physical Chemistry, Hebrew University

5. Prof. H. Milhofer-Furedi*, Zagreb, Croetia, (1991-present): Crystallization within micellar systems. 
(*) Presently an independent scientist- received special grants from the Israeli Government.

4. Prof . B. Bergenstähl, Inst. of Colloid Science, Stockholm, Sweden, (1990): Phase diagrams of lecithin derivatives.

3. Prof. P. Becher, P. Becher Associates, NJ, USA, (1988): The HLB concept

2. Prof. M. Rosen, Brooklyn College, NY., USA, (1982): Role of nonionic surfactants in the properties of O/W emulsions.

1. Dr. C. L. Leci, University of London, UK, (1981): Study of crystal structure and crystal habit of organic molecules