N. Garti and A. Aserin. 1998. “Ester oils.” Israel 123367.
A hydrocolloid, extd. from Portulaca Oleracea, comprises the compn. as shown: humidity 10-11%, fat 0. 5-0.6%, proteins 2.5-3.2%, nutritionable water sol. fibers 60-62%, nutritional non water sol. fibers 7.5-8.5% and total nutritional fibers 68-70%. To be more specific, the sugar contents in the fibers are as shown D-galactose: L-arabinose: L-rhamnose: D-xylose: D-galacturonic acid (40: 20: 5: 1: 31); and the compn. of the ash portion is as given with the unity mg/kg: 1400 Ca, 20,000 Mg, 60,000 K; 2,000 Na, 900 Fe, 460 S, 720 P, 60 Al. The mol. wt. of the fraction of the hydrocolloid has a distribution as shown: up to10000 daltons 34%; 10,000-100,000 daltons 12%; 100000-10000000 daltons 33%; 10,000,000-100,000,000 daltons 11%; \textgreater100,000,000 daltons 10%. In addn., the soly. in water, the viscosity, the surface tension and the interface tension of the hydrocolloid have been analyzed. The prepn. of hydrocolloid includes the steps of crushing Portulaca Oleracea in the presence of ethanol in a ratio of 1: 1 (wet plant: ethanol); drying the solid fraction and extg. with acetone; extg. the remainder with a mixt. of toluene: ethanol in a ratio of 1: 2; extg. the remainder with water; centrifuging the aq. fraction in order to remove the rest of the plant; adding ethanol to the aq. fraction in a ratio of ethanol: aq. soln. 3: 1; pptg. hydrocolloid. The prepn. of said emulsion comprises the steps of: dissolving the hydrocolloid in water at room temp. with stirring overnight; dripping the oil into the soln. and stirring in a homogenizer for 5 min for all the oil being dripped into the emulsion; continuing to stir for another 10 min. The hydrocolloid can be used in the following ways: being part of an emulsion; being part of a pharmaceutical prepn. which has effects on reducing the sugar level in the blood and the blood pressure. Further, the pharmaceutical compn. may be an emulsion. However, it may be any suitable tablet, capsule, soln., etc. [on SciFinder(R)]