Nissim Garti. 2020. “Delivery Systems for Propofol.” United States of America 2531374 (US patent). Abstract
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Nissim Garti. 2018. “Topical delivery of active agents.” United States of America (WO 2018/163176). Abstract

A nano-delivery technology for topical delivery of a plurality of active agents such as diclofenac, lidocaine, clonidine, fentanyl, and more.

Pending in US, EP, Australia, Canada, China, India, Israel, Japan and Russia

Licensed to an International Big Pharma company.

Nissim Garti. 2017. “Water dilutable nano delivery technology of cannabinoids.” United States of America WO 2018/061007. Abstract


A concentrated formulation having high loads of cannabinoids that can be diluted in water in any ratio or physiological liquid.


Pending in US, EP, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and Korea

Licensed to a cannabis-based US company.



Nissim Garti, Sharon Garti Levi, Abraham Aserin, and My. Perlstein. 2017. “Delivery systems for propofol.”. Abstract
The present invention concerns novel dilutable delivery systems and propofol microemulsions suitable for i.v. delivery of propofol. [on SciFinder(R)]
Nissim Garti, Abraham Aserin, Dima Libster, Idit Amar-Yuli, Tehila Mishraki, and Liron. Bitan-Chervkovsky. 2013. “Reverse hexagonal mesophases (hii) and uses thereof.”. Abstract
Reverse hexagonal mesophase (HII) liq. crystals are provided and relating therapeutic and non-therapeutic applications are demonstrated. [on SciFinder(R)]
Nissim Garti. 2010. “Technology for oral and transdermal delivery.” United States of America WO 2010/150262. Abstract


Mesophase structure for oral and transdermal delivery of drugs and biomolecules (including proteins, peptides, antibodies and vaccines).

Grated in US, EP and Israel