Nano-sized self-assembled structured liquids as carriers.


Nissim Garti, Abraham Aserin, Aviram Spernath, and Idit. Amar. 2003. “Nano-sized self-assembled structured liquids as carriers.” United States of America PCT/IL03/00498 (US20030232095A1). US


The present invention relates to nano-sized self-assembled structured concs. and their use as effective suitable carriers for transferring active components into the human body. The nano-sized self-assembled concs. are composed of an aq. phase, an oil phase, a surfactant a co-solvent and co-surfactant. The formed nano-sized self-assembled structured concs. may be in the form of an aq. continuous phase, an oil continuous phase or a bicontinuous phase, and may thus be dild. to any desired extent in either oil or water maintaining their structure and the active material comprised within the nano-sized self-assembled structured concs. A micellar conc. contained lycopene, R-(+)-limonene, ethanol, and Tween 80. [on SciFinder(R)]
The patent describes novel self assembled nanostructures fully dilutable in water and with high solubilization capacity of bioactives .
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