Prof. Nissim Garti


Prof. Nissim Garti is Emeritus  full professor of chemistry and the  former director of the Casali Center of Applied Chemistry, The Department of Chemistry of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Garti was announced as a ‘distinguished professor’  and entitled   ‘Ratner Family  Chair of Chemistry of the Hebrew University’ (from 2011).

 In 2013 Garti was recognized as one of the 23 most important inventors and contributors to innovations of  the Hebrew University for  his contributions in Food Science, Nutraceuticals and Delivery Vehicles of Bioactives, and was  placed in the 'Hall of Fame' of the University.

Garti was awarded with many international and national prestigious prizes. Among the important awards are: Life-Time  Scientific Achievements in Food Science (2015), The K. Mittal Award from  the Surfactants in Solution Society (SIS) ( 2014),  Supelco/Nicolas Pelick Award of the American Chemical, Oil society (AOCS)  (2013) ,“Chang Award”  of the American Oil Chemists Society (2011), “Corporate Research Award” of the AOCS ( 2012); “The International Food Technologists (IFT)  Society  Award  (2009)”, Kaye  Award of the Hebrew University (1990 and 2000), the Rockefeller Foundation Award  (2004),The Japan Award for Promotion of Foreign Scientists  (2004). 

Garti was the Director of the Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry (twice), and the Director of the Graduate School of Applied Science and Technology of the Hebrew University. He served (2010-2013) on the Management Committee (Board of Directors) of the Hebrew University.
Over 95 MsC and 60 PhD students graduated under his direct supervision.

Garti’s scientific achievements include over 410 peer reviewed publications, 14 edited books , 85 chapters in books and over  90 patents.

In the last years he devotes much of his time in establishing new stratup  named Lyotropic Delivery Systems (LDS ltd) that applies  Garti's  novel nano technology for bioactives enhanced  delivery.