Sucrose ester microemulsions.


N Garti, V Clement, M Leser, A Aserin, and M Fanun. 1999. “Sucrose ester microemulsions.” Journal of Molecular Liquids, 80, 2,3, Pp. 253–296.


A review with 95 refs. Sucrose esters are biodegradable surfactants that can be manufd. in various hydrophilic-lipophilic properties using different fatty acids varying in their lipophilic chain length. These surfactants are used in different industries including pharmaceutical, food processing, detergents, agricultural and others. Few no. of works had been done using sucrose esters in microemulsions. In this review we tried to introduce the relevant works that enlighten the behavior of sucrose esters in phase diagrams prepd. using different oils and medium chain alcs. We hope that this review article can be an aid to those researchers interested in microemulsions based on sucrose esters and their applications. [on SciFinder(R)]
Last updated on 06/28/2020