Subzero temperature behavior of water in microemulsions.


Shmaryahu Ezrahi, Abraham Aserin, Monzer Fanun, and Nissim. Garti. 2001. “Subzero temperature behavior of water in microemulsions.” Surfactant Science Series, 93, Thermal Behavior of Dispersed Systems, Pp. 59–120.


A review. Results of studies are summarized dealing with the surfactant/water interactions in microemulsions, which are investigated by subzero-temp. differential-scanning calorimetry (SZT-DSC). Several states of water are defined in terms of their thermal behavior. The exothermic and endothermic modes of SZT-DSC are compared with each other, and the question is discussed how the relative amts. of free and bound water in a microemulsion sample can be detd. The distribution of free and bound water is analyzed as a function of the total water content in the microemulsion systems. The case of non-freezable water is discussed and the thickness of the bound water layer is evaluated. The interaction of alcs. with other components of microemulsion systems is also addressed. Special emphasis was laid on the phase sepn. during the cooling and freezing of microemulsion samples. [on SciFinder(R)]
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