Solubilization of hydrocortisone in lyotropic liquid crystals.


N Garti, D OSTFELD, R GOUBRAN, and EJ Wachtel. 1991. “Solubilization of hydrocortisone in lyotropic liquid crystals.” Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 12, 3-4, Pp. 321–335.


The solubilization of hydrocortisone (HC) in lamellar liq. crystals (LC) contg. monoglyceride laurate (MGL) and water was studied. The max. capacity of the 70:30 (wt./wt.) MGL/water system to solubilize HC is larger than any other reported solubilization system (such as microemulsions and micelles), and exceeded 1.0 wt.%. The systems were tested by polarized light microscopy, small angle x-ray diffraction, DSC, and deuterium NMR. The addn. of HC caused no change in the interplanar spacing of the system, and had no effect on the gel-to-LC transition temp. However, the solubilization enlarged the quadrupole splitting of the water deuteron. These results suggest that the HC mols. are positioned in the vicinity of, or within, the polar head groups of the monoglyceride. [on SciFinder(R)]
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