Process for preparation of novel aspartame crystals.


Helga F Milhofer, Nissim Garti, and Alexey. Kamishny. 1999. “Process for preparation of novel aspartame crystals.”.


New crystal forms of aspartame were prepd. by using microemulsions comprising: (a) introducing aspartame into a microemulsion formed from an oil phase, an aq. phase and at least one emulsifier; (b) destabilizing the microemulsion to effect recrystn. of aspartame; (c) sepg. solid phase crystals from the liq. phase in which they are contained; and (d) cleaning the crystals to remove traces of the oil phase and surfactant. Thus, aspartame (22 g) was solubilized by mech. stirring in a microemulsion contg. 234 g (65%) of isooctane, 36 g (10%) of water and 90 g (25%) AOT at 65°. The microemulsion was then cooled at a rate of 1° per min with const. sirring to a final temp. of 5° and stirred at this temp. for an addnl. two hours to induce crystn. The crystal gave an X-ray pattern characteristic of form III aspartame. [on SciFinder(R)]
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