Phase transitions in cholesterol crystallized from various solvents.


Nissim Garti, Liliana Karpuj, and Sara. Sarig. 1980. “Phase transitions in cholesterol crystallized from various solvents.” Thermochimica Acta, 35, 3, Pp. 343–348.


Cholesterol was crystd. under various conditions from a range of solvents, and the effects of the solvents on the crystal structure were studied. The phase transitions and the latent heat, $Δ$Hp, were measured and were found to vary from 0.18 kcal mole-1 (for CCl4) to 1.1 kcal mole-1 (for acetonitrile). It seems possible that the polymorphic transitions of cholesterol at 37° may be divided into several subtransitions, each one corresponding to a slight configurational change that can be attributed to a possible flip-over of the aliph. chain of the cholesterol. [on SciFinder(R)]
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