Oils from algae.


Ben Zion Ginzburg, Margaret Binzburg, Nissim Garti, Yoel Sasson, MR BLOCH, Asher Porath, and Zvi. Goldman. 1981. “Oils from algae.” South Africa (80-3997). ZA


Dunaliella parva Was cultured in brine from seawater, with added nutrients, and extd. with benzene to produce an oil similar to petroleum. Thus, 300 g algae (dry wt.) in 200 mL water were extd. with 200 mL benzene at 40° for 6 h. The org. layer contained 7.2 g oil with a caloric value of 9.9 cal/g. The moist cells were autoclaved with 200 mL benzene at 300° under 200 bars for 2 h. An addnl. 15.1 g oil was extd. with a caloric value of 8.4 cal/g. [on SciFinder(R)]
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