Natural hydrocolloids as food emulsifiers.


Nissim Garti and Martin E Leser. 1999. “Natural hydrocolloids as food emulsifiers.” Annual Surfactants Review, 2, Design and Selection of Performance Surfactants, Pp. 104–145.


A review with 83 refs. is given. Research activities carried out on various gums as emulsifiers are discussed and questions related to adsorption at interfaces of certain gums are clarified. Gum arabic, galactomannans (guar, locust bean, and fenugreek gum), xanthan gum, Portulaca oleracea and Opitus ficus gums, tragacanth gum, and pectins are included. Adsorption isotherms and the role of proteins in galactomannans, mechanistic considerations, protein-polysaccharide interactions, the stabilization by solid particles (colloidal microcryst. cellulose as emulsifier), and biosurfactants are discussed. [on SciFinder(R)]
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