Microemulsions - characterization and selected applications.


Shmaryahu Ezrahi, Dima Libster, Abraham Aserin, Rivka Efrat, and Eran Tuval. 2012. “Microemulsions - characterization and selected applications.” In Nanotechnol. Solubilization Delivery Foods, Cosmet. Pharm., edited by Nissim. Garti and I. Amar., Pp. 51–80. DEStech Publications, Inc.


A review. First the definition of microemulsions is referred. The differences between microemulsions, emulsions and nanoemulsions are demonstrated. A simple presentation of the mechanism of microemulsion stability is then given., followed by a discussion of microstructures, a characterization of microemulsions,and a brief description of their phase behavior. After that, applications of. microemulsions are discussed, with a focus on the important topic of solubilization of bioactives. Obviously the description of this application was not meant to be all-inclusive. Rather, it was delved into selected microemulsion systems which mainly were investigated in the authors' lab. [on SciFinder(R)]
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