Galactomannans as emulsifiers.


Dov Reichman and Nissim. Garti. 1991. “Galactomannans as emulsifiers.” Special Publication - Royal Society of Chemistry, 82, Food Polym., Gels, Colloids, Pp. 549–556.


Carob or guar gum was used as the only emulsifier in the prepn. of nonviscous oil-in-water food model emulsions, and the structure and properties of the emulsions were studied. Microscopy under polarized light showed liq. crystals of the gums arranged in Maltese cross shapes around the oil droplets. The gums adsorbed on oil droplets, formed layers of lamellar liq. crystals, and enhanced emulsion stability to coalescence and flocculation. [on SciFinder(R)]
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