Emulsions of essential oils for citrus beverages.


Nissim Garti and Vered. Kaufman. 1979. “Emulsions of essential oils for citrus beverages.” Israel (IL58111A). IL


Cloudy emulsions of citrus peel oil for citrus beverage manuf. may be prepd. by mixing the oil with emulsifying agents, gums, thickening agents, and other additives. Thus, 3.91 g Span 20 [1338-39-2] and 1.09 g Tween 80 [9005-65-6] were mixed with 0.5 g TiO2, 0.025 g xanthan gum [11138-66-2], and 84.47 g water and heated to 70°. Then 10 g orange oil was added and the mixt. was passed 5 times through a colloid mill to give a cloudy emulsion suitable for citrus beverage manuf. [on SciFinder(R)]
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