Double emulsions: progress and applications.


Nissim Garti and Chris. Bisperink. 1998. “Double emulsions: progress and applications.” Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science, 3, 6, Pp. 657–667.


A review with 75 refs. Research work and progress on several major issues related to double emulsions have taken place recently. Such developments include the intrinsic thermodn. instability derived from the droplets size of the double emulsion; how the release of active ingredients entrapped within the inner phase can be prolonged and controlled; new advanced methods for studying the structure and nature of double emulsion droplets and their interfaces; new possible applications of double emulsions for sustained and prolonged release of active ingredients in cosmetics, food, agriculture and pharmaceuticals; double emulsions as intermediate systems in the prepn. of microspheres or nanospheres; and the scope and limitations of possible new applications of multicompartment microspheres prepd. from double emulsions. [on SciFinder(R)]
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