Crystal structure modifications of tristearin by food emulsifiers.


N Garti, E WELLNER, and S SARIG. 1982. “Crystal structure modifications of tristearin by food emulsifiers.” JAOCS, J. Am. Oil Chem. Soc., 59, 4, Pp. 181–185.


The less thermodynamically stable modification of tristearin [555-43-1], termed $\alpha$, is preserved when 1-10% of sorbitan monostearate [1338-41-6] emulsifier was added before allowing the molten fat to cool and crystallize. Several other emulsifiers were tested, and it was found that the combination of bulkiness of the hydrophilic groups and the appropriate length of the hydrophobic chains of a given emulsifier is necessary to preserve the $\alpha$-modification. Liq. emulsifiers and those having a pronounced hydrophilic character are not efficient as modifiers. The emulsifier was incorporated into the tristearin during crystn. from solvent without an immediate effect, but it affects subsequent behavior upon melting and resolidification. [on SciFinder(R)]
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