Conversion of halophilic algae into extractable oil. 2. Pyrolysis of proteins.


Nissim Garti, Yoel Sasson, Ben Zion Ginzburg, and Moshe R Bloch. 1979. “Conversion of halophilic algae into extractable oil. 2. Pyrolysis of proteins.” Israel 56851,57712 . IL

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The pyrolysis reactions with different solvents and reagents of proteins, e.g., albumin, soya protein, lysozyme [9001-63-2] and algae protein, show no significant differences between the behavior of proteins. The reactions yield rather low conversions in the presence of water in spite of the existence of carbonates and catalysts, e.g. NiSO4. The presence of C6H6 [71-43-2] improves the yield, and the presence of a mixt. of K-Mg-Mn salts is beneficial for such a reaction. The N content of liq. oil decreases in the presence of carbonates and other catalysts. The max. amt. of protein converted into liq. oil was 27 wt.% for algae proteins contg. 5.7 wt.% N. The existence of impurities does not affect the yield which is similar to that obtained from pure proteins. The behavior of the proteins under different temps. and in various reaction mixts. is very similar to that found with algae. [on SciFinder(R)]
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