Compositions useful as dough additives and comprising salts of fatty acid esters of lactylic acid and mixed glyceride esters of fatty acids and lactic or lactylic acid.


lactic acid [50-21-5] Is reacted with a fat or oil in the presence of alkali or alk. earth compds. to form a mixt. of lactylates and glycerides which may be used as a dough additive. Thus, 290 parts hydrogenated soybean oil and 80 parts lactic acid (80% aq. soln.) was stired at 150° under a N atm. at 100 mm pressure. After 2 h, 26 parts Na2CO3 and a small amt. of free fatty acids (as antifoam agent) were added and the temp. was raised to 190-200°. During the following 3 h, water was removed by distn. A honeylike liq. was removed, cooled, and ground to a powder contg. 60% lactylates and 40% glycerides. [on SciFinder(R)]
Last updated on 05/27/2020