Composite non-stick polymer-coated articles and coating application.


John Ralph Smith and Nissim N Garti. 1998. “Composite non-stick polymer-coated articles and coating application.”.


A system of coating comprises applying a primary coating having a surface energy 22-28 dynes/cm2 of polymeric material having nonstick and hardness properties and applying a top coating having surface energy ∼18-21 dynes/cm2 of a silicon polymer, and in between a bi- or polyfunctional org. compd. to wet the surface of the primary coating and chem. or phys. bond and couple the primary coating and top coating together. The coated substrates are resistant to marking by graffiti, to marine fouling organisms, and adhesion by ice. Steel substrates were coated with a primary coating of epoxy-siloxane emulsion compn., and top coated with poly(di-Me siloxane) contg. Tween 80 coupling agent. [on SciFinder(R)]
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